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Bull Sales

Gamamwe Ranches remains committed to selling a percentage of their pedigree Boran and ranch bulls annually, however recent Covid-19 restrictions and Foot & Mouth, prevents us hosting our Bull Sales gathering as we have done in previous years.

Persons interested in purchasing our genetics are invited to contact our management to register and arrange a viewing.



What you eat can affect your health, and the environment. We believe it is important to consider the food & treatment of the amimals that you are eventually consuming.

Besides being healthier for you, free range veld raised animals taste significantly more delicious than their grain fed counterparts.

For all these sound reasons we believe the Zambian Boran produces some of the world’s best tasting beef…



Gamamwe Ranches remains committed supporting the Nations refforestation initiative by propagating indigenous trees, shrubs and plants for re-establishment in previously damaged areas within our boundaries and regionally.

Our goal is to provide seedlings that are beneficial to livestock, game and farmers, as well as providing solutions to long term land rehabilitation & sustainability.

Our program relies on sales of our seedlings to sustain community iniatives and we welcome your support.



Our education programme, which engages the community in conservation efforts, focuses on harnessing local natural resources and habitat rehabilitation. We monitor our progress through the Bird Life as a litmus test of the health of our ecosystem. Currently there are 443 identified species on the Ranch which is remarkable.

We share our experiences with researchers and enthusiasts through events during the year. Enquiries are welcome.

Conservation farming has gained momentum amongst farmers in the Province and field days occur where experiences are shared for the common goal of improving soil quality and correcting poor farming methods.

Events and outings of this nature, will be updated here