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Gamamwe Ranches

manages commercial ranching and integrated wildlife on a sustainable basis across 20,000+ hectares of mainly climax Miombo woodland in Southern Province, Zambia secured within one perimeter game fence. A visit is a return to the African unscared bush common 100 years ago.


Boran cattle

adapted for over 2,000 years to the Harsh African environment, provide the base genetics for our herd. Our pedigree Boran herd produce bulls used on the commercial herd, which has a legacy of Bronsmara, Sussex and Tuli genetics.

Select Boran Bulls are sold annually under auction and privately. Straws from Boran bulls are imported from the region to maintain the diversity of our pedigree herd.


Veld-Fed Cattle

graze and browse within the pristine ecology of our ranch so as to slowly but sustainably grow and mature. You will taste the wide diversity of plants and grasses in our beef. The ranch does not force feed cattle with corn in feedlot conditions so our meat and its fat is not only tastier but substantially healthier.


Conservation & Community

are closely linked in Zambia so we protect our wildlife by engaging the community in conservation projects that are mutually beneficial. Our education programme, focused on harnessing local natural resources, has expanded to habitat rehabilitation and  the development of our indigenous seedling nursery. Our Trees4Life initiative remains committed to supporting the Nation’s re-afforestation drive



was registered with Zambia’s Department of National Parks in 2004 and following the completion of its perimeter game fence, the Ranch has reintroduced many of the original game species that had been eradicated in the area over the previous 100 years.

Reintroduced Giraffe and Warthog so enjoyed roaming free across the ranch that their numbers have quadrupled. We hope our newly released herd of Kafue Lechwe will also thrive.


Bird Life

is a litmus test of the health of the ranch so we are pleased to host to a number of environmentally sensitive birds including the Ground Hornbill, Zambian (Chaplin’s) Barbet, White-Backed, White-Headed, Lappet & Hooded Vultures, as well as many resident and visiting raptors from the huge Martial Eagle to a multitude of smaller eagles, hawks and buzzards.


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Gamamwe Ranches is on an exciting and challenging path with the potential to develop and expand the boundaries of conventional farming and conservation practices.
Contact Us to find out more about our current and upcoming events and participate in our conservation effort.

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